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The following Chapters require approval for nominations if the nominee is in that chapter from the Chapter President: 

Chapter Unit Location POC
0001 ‘Saint Mark’ SETAF, 173rd Abn Bde, 1-508 IN, 2-503 IN. Vicenza, Italy  SFC Michael Atchison  *
0002 ‘Old Hands’ 1-15th Infantry Regiment,3rd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division (Mech) Fort Benning, GA
0003 ‘Sledgehammer’ 3rd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division (Mech) Fort Benning, GA
0004 ‘Audie Murphy’ 3rd Infantry Division (Mech) Fort Stewart, GA
0005 ‘Fort Irwin’ Chapter 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment Fort Irwin, CA
0006 ‘Pioneer’ 29th Infantry Regiment Fort Benning, GA CSM Roberto Alvarez *
0007 GEN Omar Nelson ‘Bradley’ PM Bradley Warren, MI, & San Jose, CA
0010 ‘Iron Mike’ 11th Infantry Regiment Fort Benning, GA CPT Brad Hoelscher  *
0011 “Potomac” MDW, PERScOM
and the Pentagon
Washington DC
0012 ‘223rd Infantry Regiment’ CA ARNG San Luis Obispo, CA
0013 ‘Battle Boar’ 1st Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division (Mech) Fort Stewart, GA
0014 ‘Sua Sponte’ 75th Ranger Regiment Fort Benning, GA
0015 ‘Old Boy’ Wentworth Military Academy Lexington, MO
0016 ‘Warrior’ 198th Infantry Brigade (formerly Infantry Training Brigade Fort Benning, GA CSM Ronnie Blount *
0017 ‘Screaming Eagle’ 101st Air Assault Division (AASLT) Fort Campbell, KY
0018 ‘Fort Hood’ III Corps and Fort Hood Fort Hood, TX
0019 ‘Ranger Training Brigade’ Fort Benning, GA, and Battalions at Dahlonega, GA, and Eglin, AFB, FL 1SG Christopher Rocha *
0020 ‘160th Infantry Regiment’ (formerly ‘Southern California) 160th Infantry Regt., 40th Infantry Division (Mech) Long Beach, CA
0021 ‘Louisiana Tigers’ 256th Infantry Brigade Combat Team Lafayette, LA MAJ Stephen Luebbert *
0022 ‘Indianhead’ 2nd Infantry Division Korea
0023 ‘Mountaineer’ Division 10th Mountain Division Fort Drum, NY  SFC Cory Elder *
0024 ‘Tropic Lightning’ 25th Infantry Division and Oahu Hawaii SSG Michael Barin  *
0025 ‘Lightning Warrior’ Consolidated to Tropic Lightning Hawaii
0026 ‘Lone Star’ 36th Infantry Division Texas Army National Guard LTC Tim Redhair *
0027 ‘Big Red One’ 1st Infantry Division Ft. Riley, KS
0028 ‘All American’ 82nd Airborne Division and XIII Airborne Corps Fort Bragg, NC
0030 ‘San Juan’ Fort Leonard Wood Fort Leonard Wood, MO LTC Joshua SeGraves *
0031 ‘Duke Brigade & Fort Knox” 3d Bde, 1st Infantry Division and Ft. Knox Fort Knox, KY MAJ Michael Pesko *
0033 ‘Stonewall’ 116th Infantry Regiment, 29th Infantry Division (L) Virginia COL Alan W. Carter *
0034 ‘Volunteer’ (formerly “Devil”) 48th Infantry Brigade Georgia COL Matthew D. Smith *
0035 LTG James C. Dozier Fort Jackson, SC Fort Jackson & Columbia, SC SFC Charles Elder *
0036 148th Infantry Regiment 148th Infantry Regiment Ohio CPT Brandon Sallee *
0037 ‘Nation’s First’ Massachusetts ARNG (from former 26th ID and Bay State Militia Chapters) Massachusetts LTC Mark Kalin, LTC Luis Rodriguez *
0043 ‘Ultima’ (formerly “Rio Grande”) USA Sergeants Major Academy El Paso, TX
0044 ‘School House’ USACAC & USACGSC, Ft. Leavenworth Fort Leavenworth, KS LTC John Schatzel *
0045 ‘Carlisle’ Carlisle Barracks, Army War College Carlisle, PA
0047 ‘Mountain Post’ Ft. Carson Fort Carson, CO
0048 ‘1st New Jersey’ State of New Jersey ARNG New Jersey COL Leonard Luzky & LTC (Ret) John McManus *
0049 ‘Fort Lewis & 1 Corps’ Fort Lewis, WA
0050 ‘1st Iowa’ 2nd Bde, 34th ID, IANG Iowa BG Curly Albrecht *
0051 ‘Boriqueneers 92nd Infantry Bde. Puerto Rico
0052 ‘Arkansas Bowie’ State of Arknsas Arkansas
0053 ‘Old Ironsides’ 1st Armored Division Fort Bliss, TX
0054 ‘Indiana Rifles’ Hqs 38th Infantry Division, 2nd Bde, 39th ID, 76th Inf. Bde Indiana MAJ Douglas Rapp *
056 ‘Kentucky Long Rifle’ Kentucky Army National Guard Kentucky CPT Michael Moynahan *
0057 ’42nd Infantry Divison’ 42nd Infantry Division
0058 ‘Bayou’ JRTC &Fort Polk Fort Polk, LA
0059 ‘Snowhawk’ Ft. Wainwright Alaska CSM David Nethken *
0060 ‘Forsyth Guard’ California National Guard California
0062 ‘Minuteman’ National Guard Bureau Arlington, VA CPT James Covington *
0064 ‘Rakkasan’ 187th Inf Regt, 3rd Bde, 101st Airborne Div. Fort Campbell, KY CSM Kenneth Killingsworth *
0065 ‘Pegasus’ 1st Calvary Division Fort Hood, TX
0066 ‘134th Infantry Regiment’ 134th Infantry Regiment. Nebraska
0067 “Florida and Country” Florida Army National Guard Florida
0068 “87th Infantry Regiment” 87th
Infantry Regiment
Ft. Drum, NY
0069 “Bloody Bucket” 2-112th Infantry Regiment Lewistown, PA CPT John Lancaster *
0070 “32nd Infantry Regiment” 1-32nd Infantry Regiment Ft. Drum, NY
0071 “Henry Caro Noncommissioned Officer Academy” Henry Caro NCO Academy Ft. Benning, GA
0072 “Bearcat” 136th Infantry Regiment Minnesota MAJ John Washburn *
0073 “Bastogne” 327th Infantry Regiment Ft. Campbell, KY
0074 “Wisconsin Badgers” Wisconsin ARNG Oshkosh, WI
0075 “Geronimo” 1st Btn, 501st PIR Fort Richardson, AK
0076 “Wolfpack” 4-78th Infantry, Regiment Fort Bragg, NC
0077 “Wolverine” 46th BDE, 38th ID (M), Michigan ARNG Flint, MI
0078 “4th Alabama” 1/167th Inf Bn (M) 149th BDE, 35th Division, Alabama ARNG Birmingham, AL LTC Larry Norred, Jr. *
0079 “West Point” United States Military Academy West Point, NY COL Eugene Lesinski *
0080 “Sunset” Oregon ARNG Salem, OR SGM Jerry Glesmann *
0081 “COL Lewis Millett” Maine ARNG Bangor, ME LTC William Dionne *
0082 “Golden Cross” (formerly Prairie Sharpshooter) 33d IBCT, Illinois ARNG Springfield, IL CPT Joel Jessup *
0083 “Mississippi Rifles” 1-155th Inf Regt, Mississippi ARNG Hattiesburg, MS LTC Martin Fox *
0084 “Old Guard” 3rd U.S. Inf Regt (The Old Guard) Ft. Myer, VA
0085 “First Kansas” 137th Inf Regt, Kansas ARNG Kansas City, KS MAJ Bryan Gregory *
0086 “3/505th Parachute Infantry Regiment” 3/505th PIR, 82nd Airborne Division Ft.Bragg, NC
0087 “Controllers” Controllers Civic & Social Club Columbus, GA
0088 “CSM Mark M. Spencer” Vermont ARNG Jericho, VT
0089 “Nightfighters” Indiana ARNG Ft. Wayne, IN CPT Christopher Moore *
0090 “Santa Fe” 35th Infantry Division Ft. Leavenworth, KS LTC Jon Shafer *
0091 “Major Richard D. Winters” 166th Regiment and PA Ft. Indiantown Gap, PA LTC Alexander Grabiec *
0092 “Currahee” 506th Infantry Regiment and Ft. Campbell Ft. Campbell, KY
0093 “37th Infantry Brigade Combat Team–Buckeye Brigade” 37th IBCT, Ohio Army National Guard Columbus, OH
0094 “Ben Franklin ‘Associators’ “ 1-111th Infantry, PA Army National Guard Plymouth Meeting, PA CPT David Daddona *
0095 “Old Hickory” Tennessee Army National Guard Henderson,TN
0096 “2nd U. S. Dragoons” 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment Grafenwohr, Germany
0097 “184th Infantry Regiment” 184th Infantry Regiment Sacramento, CA
0098 “Bay State Militia” (now part of “Nation’s First” #37) Mass. Army National Guard Worcester, MA
0099 “Panther” 2/47 Infantry Regiment Ft. Benning, GA SFC Joel Romo *
0100 “18th Infantry Regiment” 18th Infantry Regiment COL Bill Chamberlain *
0101 “Hohenfels” Hohenfels, Germany
0102 “Bushmaster” 1-158 Infantry Regiment and Arizona ARNG Arizona MAJ Joseph Mayeaux *
0103 “Highlander” 1-161 Infantry Regiment, Washington Army National Guard Spokane, WA MAJ John Wells & MSG Aubrey Shirley *
0104 “27th IBCT” 27th Infantry Brigade Combat Team and New York Army National Guard Baldwinville, NY MAJ Paul Hernandez *
0105 “Patriot” Fort Dix/McGuire/Lakehurst area Ft. Dix, NJ
0106 “Baumholder” Baumholder, Germany
0107 “Steel” 2-156th Infantry Regiment, Louisiana Army National Guard Abbeville, LA LTC Scott Desormeaux *
0108 “Predator” 1-151st Infantry Regiment, Indiana Army National Guard Jasper, IN CPT Adam Balbach *
0109 “MG James Earl Rudder” 109th Infantry Regiment and PA Army National Guard Scranton, PA
0110 “First Missouri” Missouri Army National Guard Marshall, MO  CPT Patrick Alban *
0111 “Iron Gray” Connecticut Army National Guard Camp Niantic, CT  CSM Robert Roy *
0112  “Siempre Listos”  WHINSEC  Ft. Benning, GA  MAJ Patrick Kelly *
0113  “Chamorri” 1-294th Infantry Regiment  Talofofo, GU  1LT Matthew-Napu   Manglona *
0114  “The Professionals” 1-46th Infantry Regiment Ft. Benning, GA  MSG Rebecca Barnes *

*=active chapter